Original Illustration

Available original illustrations represent my best black and white and color renderings. There are two distinct mediums in which I prefer to render. I draw using graphite pencil on paper and white color pencil on black illustration board. My color pencil illustrations are also composed on black illustration board.

In style, illustrations depict a smokey jazz vibe, featuring the innovators of a true and original American-music form. It would be an excellent guess to posit me a trumpet player by viewing my work! In some works, I render homage to America’s individual greats and finally, I offer still life illustrations. For a variety of drawing samples or to see how some of these works actually evolved, check out my sketchbook.

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cool_miles Jazz Illustration Diz Fats
Jazz Illustration Jazz Illustration miles_og

Still Life

heroes Miles Young Contour
Players tesslation Black and White Still Life