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Back to the Drawing Board

Bummer. I fractured my hip and femur skateboarding and have been out from teaching for 5 weeks. That said, I have remained prolific writing new music for the students and compiling a book of the materials I use for teaching grades K-5 and I’ll be back in action Monday. I learned a great lesson from all this; Stop skateboarding on cement and go surfing in water. Wiping out surfing is like playing in the water, unless the waves are big of course.

Also, I have created a logo for Bob Reeves 50th anniversary and gonna figure out a design for their 2017 Christmas Card. Stoked to be working with Bob Reeves and John Snell again. Check it out!

Here’s are the last two years’ Christmas cards. Below is the 2015 illustration.

Here it is colorized in Photoshop.

Below is the 2016 card.

Go Dodgers!

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